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Claw M390 Hunting Knife with a Lightweight Steel Blade

Claw M390 Hunting Knife with a Lightweight Steel Blade

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Product Description

The Claw M390 Hunting Knife is a hunting knife that combines lightweight design with exceptional performance, making it an essential companion for outdoor enthusiasts and hunters.

Crafted with precision, the knife features an M390 stainless steel blade, a high-quality stainless steel known for its durability and corrosion resistance. With a thickness of 4.0 mm, the blade is robust and ready to tackle various outdoor tasks with ease.

The 125 mm blade length provides a balance between versatility and precision and is ideal for dressing, skinning and other hunting activities. Whether you are an avid hunter or an outdoor enthusiast, the Claw M390 hunting knife is designed to meet the demands of your adventures.

With a weight of 263 g and an overall length of 225 mm, this hunting knife is comfortable yet comfortable to hold. The 129 mm long wooden handle not only gives the knife a touch of natural elegance, but also ensures a secure grip that allows for safe and controlled handling.

Experience the synergy of lightweight construction and durable performance with the Claw M390 hunting knife. Elevate your outdoor activities with a knife designed for the rigors of hunting and beyond, delivering reliability and precision with every cut.

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Blade Material
Blade Material
M390-Stainless Steel
Blade Length
Blade Length
Handle Material
Handle Material
60 +/-2HRC

Product Features


Dieses Jagdmesser ist ein vielseitiges Outdoor-Werkzeug ideal Dressing, Häuten und Verarbeitung von Wild nach der Jagd.  Es ist auch wertvoll für Camping, Survival und allgemeine Gebrauchsaufgaben. Das Messer hilft bei Aufgaben wie Field Dressing, Häuten, Vierteln, Verarbeiten von Fleisch und verschiedenen Aufgaben auf dem Campingplatz. Es kann in Notsituationen von entscheidender Bedeutung sein und dient einer Reihe von Gebrauchszwecken, was es zu einem wertvollen Werkzeug für Outdoor-Fans macht

Blade Material: M390-Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Wood
Knife hardness
Weight: 263g
Length: 225 mm
Blade Length: 130 mm
Handle Length: 95 mm
Blade Thickness: 4,0 mm
Scope of delivery
1x Claw M390 Hunting Knife with a Lightweight Steel Blade